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Investor Relations & Communication


Improve your Investor Relationship Management and Targeting with the most complete and intuitive CRM and Targeting platform

Optimise your IR team workflow and efficiently manage relationships with institutional investors, analysts and other stakeholders; better understand your shareholder base; profile and target institutional investors with greater accuracy; and advise your management with value-adding briefing notes and reports.

Power your investor engagement with Euronext IR.MANAGER

IR.MANAGER is easy to use, saves time, and offers more flexible and powerful CRM, targeting and reporting functionality along with a global buy-side and sell-side contacts database.


Investor Relationship Management

Support your IR team workflow and every step of your investor engagement programme:

  • Manage relationships with institutional investors, analysts and other stakeholders
  • Support roadshow logistics
  • Keep a record of meeting history and meeting notes
  • Manage lists and execute mailings

Investor Targeting and Profiling

Better understand your shareholder base and the wider investment community, optimise the allocation of investor engagement resources, and effectively advise management:

  • Know your shareholders
  • Receive email alerts on the buying and selling of your shares
  • Profile and target investors
  • Produce value-adding briefing notes and a wide range of reports for management

Reliable, insightful intelligence

IR.MANAGER empowers your investor relations with reliable, insightful intelligence sourced from leading financial data and IR service providers:

  • Profiles on 200,000+ buy & sell-side investment professionals, 40,000 institutions, 50,000 funds, and their known holdings in your company and peer group
  • Shareholder identification from Euronext partners (optional)

Flexible and powerful desktop solution

Our native application architecture is more secure, more responsive, handles large data sets more easily, and integrates with your corporate calendars and exchange email:

  • Full-featured application for your entire IR team
  • Advanced functionality and outstanding user experience
  • Supports an efficient IR team workflow and every step of your investor engagement

User-friendly mobile app

Keep management and the roadshow travelling team connected through IR.MANAGER mobile app:

  • View roadshow details, investor profiles, meeting history and ownership data
  • dictate or type meeting notes simply, even when offline

VIP service & support

Our relationship managers and product specialists are on call to help you make the most of IR.MANAGER:

  • Easily migrate from your current platform
  • Enhance your experience with on-site training, responsive, helpful support, and access to our research team for data updates
  • Keep your data safe and enjoy 100% uptime with our secure SaaS platform
Julien Vignot

Julien Vignot

Head of Investor Relations, Vifor Pharma Group

IR.MANAGER helps support every phase of our investor engagement: we use it to make sure we are seeing the right investors when we go on roadshows, by proposing suitable targets to our brokers and prioritising requests from new institutions; we use it for distributing announcements to our key contacts, keeping a track record of our interactions, and to produce briefing notes before every investor meeting. It has become quite indispensable to me and to the team. The interface is very logical and the functionality is very deep. The service is top-notch, personalised, always fast and reliable.

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