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Politique de Confidentialité


Euronext collects and more generally processes personal data via its websites. This collection is done either automatically using cookies and similar technologies or in manual mode using webforms.

This document is the Web Privacy Policy of Euronext N.V. ("Euronext"), a Dutch Company located at Beursplein 5, 1012 JW, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is part of the GDPR compliance process, including requirements for:

  • The consent management, as per Articles 4.11, 7, 8, 9 32, 33, 38, 42, and 43;
  • The cookies management, as per Recital 30;
  • The personal data retention management, as per Article 5.1.e;

1.1 Audience

This policy is intended for any user of one of the Euronext Group websites.

1.2 Objective

This policy aims at informing a website user about:

  • The personal data collected during his/her web browsing and about their use, prior to the collection of his/her consent;
  • The purposes for which this information is being processed.

1.2 Scope

This policy applies whenever the user browses the webpages in all Euronext websites.

This policy also applies to other selected domains, including any linked pages owned and operated by Euronext or any successors thereof, or any application made available by Euronext for use on a tablet, mobile phone or other mobile device (individually and collectively, the " Euronext websites").

1.4 Warning

Please note that the Euronext websites are general audience websites and Euronext does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from persons under 18 years of age.

Before using these websites, Euronext advise the user to carefully review all the sections that appear below. By giving his\her consent, the user accepts the practices described in this policy.

1.5 Revision

This policy may be modified over time without further notice. Changes and modifications will have immediate effect, except where prohibited by law. Euronext advises you to review this policy regularly to ensure that you are updated with any changes.


2.1. Automatic personal data collection

In this context, the personal data collection uses two modalities: cookies or similar technologies.

2.1.1. Cookies technologies

Cookies are small text files that are sent and stored on the user computer, smartphone or other device for accessing the Internet, whenever you visit a website. They are useful because they allow a website to recognize the user device, log when the user visits a particular page or provide a secure connection to a website, etc.

Euronext websites use cookies for various purposes:

Cookie Type





Single Sign On

Euronext websites use a specific type of cookie which is essential for the software to work properly and for ease of use.

This is used to create a session ID for the user, so that the system itself can identify the user as a unique and individual, distinct from anyone else surfing on the Euronext websites. It also allows user to enter his\her credential only once, so that the system itself can identify the user and grant him access across Euronext Connect websites.

This information is not used or stored outside Euronext systems, and is held only temporarily while the user is accessing account pages and other pages which require unique and secure access. Without this cookie, such access could not remain secure.


User Preferences

User Settings

Functional cookie records information about choices that you have made. For example, on the Euronext websites, we put a cookie to remember your language choice to ensure you to do not have to reenter the information each time you visit the page.

This cookie is necessary to offer the basic functionality of the Euronext websites, and to remember your cookie personal settings. By storing your preferences, this cookie enables to browse easily on the Euronext websites.


Audience Analytics

Analytics Technologies are used to collect information about how people use Euronext websites. These technologies store information about what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got there and what you click on. The information collected aim at improving the Euronext websites to meeting the users’ needs and understanding how we can do it better.

The user can decide if cookie from our websites can be stored on his\her device. Euronext recommends that the user leaves the cookie active. By blocking, turning off or otherwise rejecting cookie, some web pages may not display properly or the user will not be able to use any website services that require the user to sign in. At any moment, he\she can delete cookies through the configuration of the consent and privacy options available in each browser.

2.1.2. Non-Cookies technologies

Euronext also enables the use of technologies that perform functions similar to cookie:

  • Some are used to determine whether messages have been opened and links clicked on. They do not place information on the user device, but may work in conjunction with cookie to monitor websites activity.
  • Others are used for tracking and reporting aggregate usage patterns on the Euronext websites. No Personal Data is collected by these technologies.

2.2. Manual personal data collection

Euronext websites use webforms to collect personal data. Some of the intended purposes are listed in the table below. Consent, when required, is freely given, specific, informed and active.



Direct Marketing

Communicating with you about our products and services

Contractual Obligation

Administer or otherwise carry out our obligations in relation to any agreement you have with us

Personalized Web Access

Provide access to restricted pages or contents of the Euronext websites

Manage and analyze the Euronext websites

Customer Service Quality

Tailor our services to match your requirements

Create products or services that may meet your needs

Responding to queries or requests submitted by you


2.3. Transfer of personal data outside the European economic area

Please note that Euronext works with some suppliers who may have access to some of the information collected on its websites. Euronext implements all means to ensure the confidentiality of personal data collected in accordance with GDPR.

2.4. Third party website and social media

Euronext websites may provide hyperlinks to websites from other companies or persons and is not responsible or liable for any processing of user’s personal data via these websites. This policy does not apply to the use of such websites.

In addition, if the user share content from the Euronext websites via social media, the personal data will be visible to those visiting his\her personal pages on these social media websites. Euronext is not responsible or liable for any processing of the user personal data via such media. This policy does not apply to the use of such social media.

2.5. Security Measures

Euronext has taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data against loss, misuse, alteration and/or destruction. These include, but not limited to:

  • Installing a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to our systems;
  • Using secure servers;
  • Ensuring the Personal Data are stored in physically secure accommodation.

User personal data are dealt confidence. Although Euronext exercises reasonable care in providing secure transmission of information between user equipment and Euronext’s systems, Euronext cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to us over the Internet. If Euronext becomes aware of any security breach which results in unauthorized access of user personal data, Euronext will endeavour to inform the user.

Please be aware that the security measures mentioned above apply to systems under the control of Euronext, but that Euronext cannot ensure the security nor confidentiality of any information during its transmission when transmitted via means not under its control, notably the Internet, and that you are aware that data transmitted via such means may be intercepted by third parties.

2.6. Requests regarding your personal data

Regarding the processing of your Personal data, you have the following rights:

  • Access, rectification and erasure of your Personal Data;
  • Restriction of your Personal Data processing;
  • Personal Data portability;
  • Withdrawal of your consent.

Furthermore, the user may also submit a complaint to the competent Data Privacy Authority. Apart from the latter, these rights can be exercised according the “Data Subject Rights Request Information Procedure”.

2.7. Questions and Requests

Should you have any questions or requests about this policy, please contact us via

Euronext Corporate Services B.V. is incorporated under the laws of The Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under Registration no 68034970), having its registered office at Beursplein 5 (1012 JW) Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Euronext Corporate Services B.V. is part of the Euronext Group and a fully-owned subsidiary of Euronext N.V.