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Investor Relations & Communication


A dynamic and strategic analysis of your shareholding structure

Effective investor relations strategies are based on precise knowledge of your shareholders

A better understanding of your shareholding structure

A data analysis providing a comprehensive, dynamic and clear vision of your capital structure through several features


The key partner for your investor relations strategy

Clarifying the view of your shareholder base is a key strategic element to build a relevant and efficient investor relations strategy:

  • Leveraging on the team's experience and analysis
  • Enriching the shareholder data with international third parties sources. Investigations and cross-referring data is necessary to find out the accurate global picture of the shareholding
  • Delivering an in-depth analysis through a shareholding presentation, a detailed capital table and the full list of Portofolio Managers contact details

At the very heart of capital markets, a decisive expertise

Euronext Corporate Services is an ecosystem of experts and professionals. Our Shareholder Analysis team is a strategic, reliable and essential partner for your investor relations journey.

A tailor-made service

Shareholder Analysis is a complete support package. The amount and nature of the data in the CSD file require extensive processing.

The added value of Shareholder Analysis lies in a complete, enriched and detailed analysis. It includes a case-by-case identification of all contacts, regardless of their profile.

Marius Magelie

Marius Magelie

Senior VP Finance & Investor Relations at Ocean Yield ASA

The support and insights of Euronext Corporate Services Shareholder Analysis team has been helpful for Ocean Yield in identifying final beneficial owners of the company, especially behind international nominee positions. We appreciate these value added services, which help us to better engage with shareholders and to make sure that our IR policy is well targeted and efficient.

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