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Governance & Compliance


Streamline your liability registration

LiabilityLog is a digital liability register that saves you time and ensures your compliance with the Finnish Municipality Act.

LiabilityLog is already used by over 100 municipal organisations

Ensure compliance
Save time
Easy for all users

Digital liability register

LiabilityLog meets the requirements of the Municipal Act (410/2015) and complies with the guidelines published by the Association of Finnish Municipalities. We enable the creation of a smooth and orderly operating model between all persons handling the declarations of interest and the audit committee.

Fully automatic digital process

Communication between the municipal organisation and the persons required to notify, takes place via automatic e-mail. Notifiers fill in the declarations of interest electronically and the verification and publication of the declarations is carried out from the online tool, without separate reporting.

With our digital process, complying with the requirements of the Municipality Act feels easy. Authentication is secure and simple with either bank IDs or a mobile certificate.

Free registry transfer

To make the transfer of your liability register to LiabilityLog as effortless as possible, we will transfer the information from your current register to our service free of charge. All you have to do is provide us with the current registry information and we will take care of the rest.

Smooth, electronic & secure
We manage all the declarations of liabilities from all relevant trustees and officials, smoothly, electronically and securely, allowing you to comply with ease.

Irene Hilli

Municipality of Pyhäntä

The registry works smoothly and is reliable as well as safe to use. Thanks for all the technical assistance we received in setting up the registry!

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