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Release of new IR.Manager Desktop and Mobile

Date : 07/17/2017 - 13:38

Euronext Corporate Services released the new IR.Manager, a major step forward in investor relationship management and targeting solutions


Euronext IR.Manager Desktop v.5.0

Euronext IR.Manager Desktop is a significant upgrade over the previous “IR.manager” application.  It is also the first Euronext-branded iteration of the platform since the solution is part of the Euronext group.

IR.Manager Desktop forms the core component of Euronext’s Investor Relationship Management and Targeting platform, used by a growing number of European IR Teams across all market capitalisations.

It offers more intuitive, flexible and time-saving CRM functionality, and deeper, more insightful investor targeting and profiling.

Version 5.0 aims to reduce the complexity of managing relationships with and gaining a 360° view of large, global and/or fragmented institutions where contacts, investor meetings and share holdings may be spread among multiple entities.

It also features a revamped user interface, integrated GoogleMaps, brand new “Peer Holdings Analysis” Excel reports, and dozens of improvements, both big and small, across the application.

Euronext IR.Manager Desktop is available now as a free upgrade to all clients.

Euronext IR.Manager Mobile v.2.0

Euronext IR.Manager Mobile is the iPhone/iPad companion to the IR.Manager Desktop application.  It stands ready to support IROs and their Management on roadshows and in the office in a way that is clear, simple and immediate.

Version 2.0 is a complete “reboot” of the app formerly known as “”: rebuilt from the ground up using the latest technology to deliver an optimal user experience, faster, reliable synchronisation, more comfortable note-taking, and a solid base for future functionality upgrades to be delivered in stages starting later in 2017.

Euronext IR.Manager Mobile v.2.0 is available now on Apple’s App Store as a free “Universal” app for iPhone and iPad.

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