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Investor Relations & Communication


Enhance your investor engagement with the most comprehensive and intuitive investor relations CRM and targeting platform

Optimise your IR team workflow and manage all of your tasks in one easy-to-use cloud-based platform, including, tracking your ownership, targeting new investors, managing your IR itinerary, and reporting on your investor engagement performance.

Power your investor engagement with IR.Manager

IR.Manager is the fastest, most responsive, flexible and comprehensive IR tool available. With easy-to-use features, IR.Manager saves time, and offers a flexible and powerful CRM, targeting and reporting functionality along with a global buy-side and sell-side contacts database.


Investor Relationship Management

Support your IR team roadmap and every step of your investor engagement programme:

  • Manage relationships with institutional investors, analysts and other stakeholders
  • Simplified roadshow logistics, from anywhere
  • Keep a record of meeting history and meeting notes
  • Manage lists and execute mailings with IR.Mail

Investor Targeting and Profiling

Get a better understanding of your shareholder base and the wider investment community, optimise the allocation of investor engagement resources, and effectively report back to management: 

  • Track your ownership through insightful intelligence sourced from leading financial data and IR service providers
  • Receive email alerts on the buying and selling of your shares
  • Target new investors through advanced identification, qualification and screening solutions
  • Report on your investor engagement performance to management with intuitive dashboards

Reliable, insightful intelligence

IR.Manager supports your investor relations with reliable, insightful intelligence sourced from leading financial data and IR service providers:

  • Profiles on 200,000+ buy & sell-side investment professionals, 40,000 institutions, 50,000 funds, and their known holdings in your company and peer group
  • Shareholder identification from Euronext partners (optional)

Flexible and powerful SaaS solution

Our intuitive and easy-to-use web-based solution is the fastest, most responsive, flexible, and comprehensive IR tool available: 

  • A sleek user interface and exceptional user experience
  • An extensive range of features for your entire IR team
  • A more autonomous connection to buy-side and sell-side communities

Integrated accompanying mobile app

Stay connected with the IR.Manager mobile app, supporting all your activities on the go: 

  • View your agenda, investor profiles, meeting history and ownership data
  • Dictate or type meeting notes with ease, even offline 
  • Available for mobile and tablet on iOS and Android

VIP service & support

Our dedicated team of European-based capital markets experts are on call to help you make the most of IR.Manager: 

  • An effortless and reliable data migration from your current platform
  • Enhance your experience with on-site training, responsive, continuous support, and access to our research team for data updates
  • Keep your data safe and secure
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