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Governance & Compliance


Save time and comply with the EU Market Abuse Regulation

Create and maintain an updated digital insider list online, saving considerable time and ensuring compliance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). More than 900 listed companies, banks, advisors and law firms already use InsiderLog

Automate the management of insider lists


Manage insider lists more rapidly and efficiently

MAR requirements are both time-consuming and some are technically difficult to comply with if they are managed manually. InsiderLog, the insider list management software, enables you to fully automate every step of the workflow:

  • Collect insider information from insider themselves through a form with required input fields so nothing is missed
  • Save confirmations in a permanent way from insiders outside inbox
  • Send automatic reminders every 24 hours to insiders to complete the required information 
  • Track every change within the insider list 
  • Record every update on the list with the exact time stamps automatically

Delaying disclosure

To delay the disclosure of insider information a number of criteria must be met under MAR, and this assessment needs to be documented. InsiderLog guides you through the assessment for every new insider list and records it, in case the financial supervisory authorities would have any questions

Ensure insider information is stored in the safest way

The insider list must be kept electronically and be available only for authorised persons. InsiderLog has a two-factor authentication process - to sign in the user will need a password as well as a one time verification code received via SMS

Notify the authorities

When the insider information is disclosed you need to notify your local financial authorities. This notification shall include when the insider list was created and who made the decision to create it etc. This information is automatically collected and sent to your local financial authority, so you don’t need to send manual emails.

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