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Investor Relations & Communication


Tailor-made advisory to assist issuers in building the ESG pillar of their equity story to attract new investors and improve the market perception of their sustainable strategy

In today’s world, where responsible investments are the clear trend, it is more important than ever for issuers to have a strong ESG approach. Our ESG Advisory team supports companies in making sense of investors’ expectations and crafting this into a comprehensive bespoke ESG strategy, based on extensive data collection and analytics.

Your partner to transform ESG challenges into opportunities

ESG Advisory helps you to present your sustainable strategic ambitions to the financing community by:
Evaluating non-financial issues
Prioritising and collecting data
Engaging with investors



ESG: a must have to improve access to capital and avoid activist situations

Environmental, social and governance principles (ESG) are a set of standards by which a company and its investors can measure the wider impact of its operations and long-term strategy.

Investors increasingly expect companies to recognise and address, in a responsible way, the short and long-term risks and opportunities in relation to ESG factors that impact long-term value creation. In parallel, Asset Managers have begun changing their investment criteria, incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decision-making, and by supporting the allocation of capital to sustainable initiatives.

Evaluate non-financial issues

We do a thorough analysis and audit, but go further than just compliance by providing you with a mapping including risks and opportunities based on ESG issues and market expectations.

  • Compliance and materiality review
  • Governance check
  • ESG reporting assessment (KPIs) and peers benchmarking
  • ESG shareholding risk evaluation
  • ESG perception study

Prioritise and collect data

Our comprehensive data and documents collection saves you time. ESG Advisory reinforces or develops your non-financial reporting and helps to set the most appropriate KPIs for your company.

  • Identify priorities at industry and company level
  • Set up a relevant data collection process
  • Meet with rating agencies and disclosure requests
  • Define an ESG dynamic: create messages around an improvement trajectory
  • Reporting as a continuous dialogue

Engage with investors

Utilising all of the data collected, our seasoned team of capital markets experts will come with a strategic recommendation to develop the ESG pillar of your equity story, target ESG sensitive funds and Asset Managers, and reinforce your relationship with shareholders.

  • IR action plan
  • Identify key investor contacts
  • Anticipate activist campaigns
  • Catch ESG investment opportunities
  • Measure impacts, collect feedback
  • Thematic non-deal roadshows

ESG is here to stay

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