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Governance & Compliance


Secure your board meetings and streamline your decision-making processes

iBabs provides a dematerialised and secure board portal solution to corporates and public organisations. It supports governance, efficient decision making-process and secured collaboration at board level and across management teams.

Secure your boardroom and streamline your decision-making process


Rely on the highest standards of security

Our solution is based on the most advanced standards of security and reliability. Our robust infrastructure enables to protect your strategic and confidential information.

  • Entirely security compliant (ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified)
  • Servers located in the EU (therefore not subject to USA Freedom Act)
  • Full control of contacts, access and permission
  • Strong and proven track record (over 3,000 clients already using our solution)

Improve and streamline your governance

Preparing Board meetings and monitoring key decisions is often a complex and inefficient process. Our solution makes everything a lot more efficient.

  • Secure and centralise confidential documents into a single platform
  • Make sure that key members have the right level of information before taking a strategic decision
  • Reduce the preparation time and increase productivity 
  • Save costs associated to printing, collecting and distributing documents
  • Improve collaboration with board or committee members
  • Follow up and monitor key decisions and action plan

Professional, convenient and innovative solution

Professionalise the management of your meetings and decision-making process:

  • Share agenda and document updates intantaneously
  • Track decisions and action steps
  • Annotate documents in a simple way with bookmarks and highlights
  • Automate the production of meeting minutes
  • Search function across all materials and archives 
  • Complete meetings archive always available

Empowering your ESG with paperless corporate governance

iBabs is the perfect meeting management tool to support your ESG objectives. Completely paperless and digital board meetings enable a significant reduction of paper consumption, and thereby help equip your company to reduce your environmental impact.

Our fully ISO-secured e-governance solution promotes the adoption of best practices in terms of good corporate governance, by enabling a more collaborative, secured, efficient and informed decision-making process within boards of directors and executive committees.

Easy implementation of a cost effective solution to secure your boardroom and streamline your decision making process

Request a demo with one of our product specialist

Decide to migrate Euronext board portal solution for only €10 per month per user and no set-up cost 

Instantaneous set-up and planning of a short training session for PAs or Secretary of the Board to gain control of the admin part of the platform

Directors will access the agenda and related documentation with their nominative credentials from the most convenient platform (web desktop or mobile)

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