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Euronext Corporate Services: Supporting listed companies in their ESG transition

Date : 06/17/2020 - 10:05

Launching an innovative offering for issuers to accelerate their sustainable growth

17 June 2020  - In line with Euronext’s strategic plan, “Let’s Grow Together 2022”, and in response to the growing trend of responsible investments, Euronext Corporate Services today announced that it is strengthening its product portfolio and services by launching an ESG offering to support issuers in their ESG transition.

Investors’ requirements and expectations of issuers are mounting – they increasingly expect companies to recognise and address sustainability issues, and have begun factoring ESG criteria into their investment decision-making. As such, ESG is a topic that has been added to many issuers’ ever-growing list of demands and they are now endeavouring to build a strong ESG strategy. Euronext Corporate Services’ ESG offering will support listed companies in crafting and communicating their ESG engagement towards capital markets, as well as streamlining their governance with an innovative suite of solutions: ESG Advisory, Virtual Roadshows from Company Webcast and the digital board portal solution from iBabs.

ESG Advisory is an extension of the current Post-Listing Advisory offered by Euronext Corporate Services. The seasoned team of capital markets experts supports companies in making sense of investors’ expectations and building this into a comprehensive tailor-made ESG strategy by evaluating extra-financial issues, prioritising and collecting data and engaging with investors.

To further strengthen the ESG Advisory offering, Euronext Corporate Services today announced two strategic commercial partnerships with leading ESG experts to ensure more efficiency in ESG data collection and governance intelligence:

  • Tennaxia (Laval, France) helps companies to sustain and increase their extra-financial performance, since ESG data has become critical for investors looking for relevant performance indicators. Tennaxia and Euronext Corporate Service have entered into an agreement, under which listed companies will benefit from the “Tennaxia CSR Reporting” solution to facilitate the collection, reliability, consolidation and analysis of their ESG data.
  • Ethics & Boards (Paris, France) is the leading international governance intelligence and monitoring solutions provider, offering data-driven insights, visualisation dashboards, and rankings tools for assessing boards. Considering that Governance is seen by investors as a preliminary condition to any robust and ambitious ESG strategy, Ethics & Boards and Euronext Corporate Services have entered into an agreement, under which listed companies will benefit from exclusive investor perception studies and governance assessment.

Virtual Roadshows: The Virtual Roadshows solution combines Company Webcast’s cutting-edge technology and studios, providing an efficient way for issuers to communicate with the international investor community without spending management time and money. Listed companies are now able to conduct virtual roadshows for IPOs and digital meetings between management teams and investors, using one of Company Webcast’s innovative solutions: on-premise webcasts, in-studio webinars, or Virtual Conference Room Webinars. This ensures broader reach and transparency of their ESG messages, while reducing the negative environmental impacts of travel and transport.

Digital corporate governance:  iBabs is a digital board portal solution, equipping listed companies to reduce their paper consumption, and thereby their environmental impact, which can be reported as part of the Environmental pillar of ESG metrics. It incorporates all of the latest technological features like e-voting and video conferencing, while reducing operational information leakage and cyber risks through the full ISO-secured environment. With board member engagement being highly monitored by rating agencies and data providers, iBabs ensures efficient decision-making and secured collaboration at board level and across management teams.

Mathieu Caron, Head of Euronext Corporate Services, said: “Being part of Euronext, we already support more than 600 issuers to be more efficient in their capital markets journey. Regarding IR strategy, communication needs and governance, we have identified ESG as one of the largest challenges that they have had to adapt themselves to recently. To continue to support issuers in their life as listed entities, we are today releasing a complete ESG offering to help issuers cope with this ESG transition, including a new ESG advisory service, new virtual roadshow capabilities and a toolbox of corporate governance tools. With these new solutions, we are confident that issuers can accelerate their ESG transition, be more digital and efficient, and redirect their efforts to other priorities and stakeholders".

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